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todayisnotthatday replied to your post“So here’s a story: For the last few months I’ve been in talks…”
that is kind of freaky, but maybe he just really likes you? 
missjendie replied to your post“So here’s a story: For the last few months I’ve been in talks…”
Jeez - that’s flattering? But also scary. How much would that happen if you DID accept the position…
narysocontrary replied to your post“So here’s a story: For the last few months I’ve been in talks…”
that is terrifying IMO. either there’s a time sensitive sword dangling over his head, or he’s CRAYCRAY
Right? I think there may be some truth to both the idea that they really did want to hire me (and they know I’m underemployed, so I think it came as a surprise) and that he, in particular, was under pressure.

But, still, if I had any qualms about turning the job down they evaporated the second I looked at my missed calls.
cornballer replied to your post“I really do need some idea of what is and isn’t possible in my fiction…”
you writing Fringe fic?
Haha, no, but you did nail the universe I was thinking of.
narysocontrary replied to your post“I’m sorry I’m probably never really ever going to be able to let this go, but”
I am still so angry that he’s doing the new Star Wars and just as I never watched the Hobbit after the first one, I will probably just watch this & never continue further in the trilogy if it sucks as much as I fear it will.
I was definitely thinking of you as I was reading that initial article. I think what I’ve come to terms with is these things just aren’t for us? And I think I’ve gotten much better at least at identifying when those things are going to happen.

My only hurdle is when my dad wants to see stuff because I’m not going to not go, but he’s pretty much the only reason I saw ST:ID, MoS, Hobbit 2, and Avatar.

Like, I’m not mad about Nemesis to the same extent I’m mad about Abrams’ Trek and I’m pretty sure that’s just because I’ve never seen (and, honestly, probably never will see Nemesis).
My father watches war films…
My father watches submarine films…
My father watches ocean-going films…
My father watches space films. They’re different: they’re the only area of undiminished hope. They’re happy and they have women in them who are sometimes scientists rather than singers or waitresses. Sometime the women get to be heroes too…When I watch space films I always want to cry because they leave you with so much to hope for, it feels like a beginning, not a tired old end.
Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson (via thatwouldbedisconcerting)

So here’s a story: For the last few months I’ve been in talks with/sort of been “courted” by this consulting firm. They finally offered me a job a couple of weeks ago and, for a whole bunch of reasons, I turned the offer down - in writing.

The next day I was on trip up to NoVA with my boss, my former interim boss, and my former boss who is now my boss’ boss (a lot of restructuring has been going on). I saw that the guy who had been working to hire me was calling and I elected not to take it at the time. He called again, within the hour, while I was in a meeting. I didn’t get home until late, so I figured I’d call him back the next day.

I called him from my car first thing the next morning before going into the office, mentioning that I’d missed his calls, but I’d been in a meeting the whole day and it went fine. So, I was like, okay that’s done.

I get to my desk that morning to see EIGHT missed phone calls from him all from within the same hour that he’d also called my cell. Within an hour the man had called me 10 times.

Am I wrong or is that…excessive?

These Bo Dallas promo videos are so good. Even if you’re not a wrestling fan you should watch this. It’s just…so good.

Speaking of Everworld and Supernatural: Why hasn’t the former been turned into a CW show? It would make the best CW show. Somebody get the CW on the line.

The need to know “the rules” also always makes me think of Everworld. In that series one of the main characters is desperately trying to determine the underlying “rules” of Everworld because if he can figure it out, they could work the system and escape?

Which is funny because the rules of that series are pretty straightforward. It benefits (sort of in the same way that Supernatural does) from being primarily situated in established myths and legends.

I really do need some idea of what is and isn’t possible in my fiction otherwise I tend to get annoyed and antsy.